About Us

Our Mission Statement:

The Pennsylvania Jewish Coalition (PJC), working individually and collectively with others, represents Pennsylvania’s Jewish communities before state government and with other Pennsylvanians. Jewish values guide the PJC’s focus on issues of importance to these communities, including public policy initiatives and funding and regulation of the delivery of human services.

What We Do:

  • advocate for Jewish communities in Pennsylvania through local Jewish Federations and community representatives;
  • educate, communicate and represent Jewish communities living and working in the Commonwealth;
  • educate government officials about the issues, concerns and needs of Jewish Federations and communities throughout the Commonwealth;
  • educate local Jewish communities about Pennsylvania government and resources available to help improve their quality of life;
  • create and enhance the tools to help local Jewish Federations and communities by providing resources and assistance for their legislative efforts and public policy advocacy, in support of a statewide legislative agenda;
  • recruit and train volunteer advocates;
  • work in coalition with other faith based organizations and nonsectarian issue based groups to further advance shared public policy positions
  • act as an information liaison between the Pennsylvania Jewish Federations and communities, on the one hand, and Pennsylvania elected and appointed officials, on the other, assuring two-way communication on legislative and administrative priorities of interest to the Jewish communities; and
  • strive to ensure that the voice of the Jewish federations and communities are heard in the promotion and movement of legislation and policy decisions to improve the quality of life for the impoverished, individuals with special needs, struggling families, the elderly and our children.

The Pennsylvania Jewish Coalition (PJC) seeks a better quality of life for ALL Pennsylvanians.