Family issues

  • Provide funding for social service program;
  • Provide safety net programs for families and individuals;
  • Improve assistance for individuals to overcome personal health obstacles (i.e. substance abuse);
  • Improve assistance for individuals to receive education and technological skills to help advance in the workforce;
  • Provide assistance for special needs populations of all ages (IDD, autism, etc.); and
  • Provide assistance for low-income families (LIHEAP)


  • Provide assistance for Aging in Place programs;
  • Provide assistance to and promote naturally occurring retirement communities (NORC);
  • Provide assistance to public transportation; increase accessibility to/ from senior housing;
  • Sustain Medicaid/ Medicare funding;
  • Provide safeguards to protect seniors from physical and financial abuse; and
  • Provide assistance to food pantries, senior centers and nursing homes


  • Sustain or increase funding for Education Improvement Tax Credits (EITC);
  • Improve Pennsylvania’s child care programs;
  • Improve Pennsylvania’s foster care system; and
  • Support pre-kindergarten and private education programs


  • Promote tolerance in our society and oppose crimes of hate;
  • Promote religious tolerance in schools and society;
  • Oppose immigration discriminatory actions (immigration, employment, housing, etc.);
  • Continue Assistance in the Implementation of Holocaust education legislation: Act 70 of 2014;
  • Reduce poverty in Pennsylvania;
  • Preserve and protect the State of Israel
    • Promotion of trade between Pennsylvania and Israeli businesses;
  • Strive to establish criteria for tax exempt entities;
  • Increase energy independence through conservation and alternative energy; and
  • Create a safer and healthier environment in which all Pennsylvanians can work and live.